belső irodaThe Industrial Park Nagytarcsa accounting department economist and chartered accountants excellent team work, private enterprise development specifications, conducted affairs. Our staff accounting tasks for several decades in the business sector involved in specific demanding. Tax advisory services conducted by telephone to answer current questions in person represent you before the NAV and other authorities.
  • könyvelésAccounting department flexible, comprehensive, creative and absolutely Mobile
  • Accounting and Payroll Nagytarcsa and its surroundings as their company headquarters premises of
  • Personalized accounting services to our clients, we provide flexible pricing
  • For you to save time and money, we strive to get faster, more accurate and more flexible serviced.
  • We can help you with problems with tax and accounting solving
  • We can help you navigate through the various accounting rules and regulations.
  • In addition to the accurate, professional bookkeeping before the deadline, we will inform you of the
  • taxes, contributions, results of the business, so you still have time to plan financial expenses and so can hold back no plans of calculations.
  • legislation monitoring devices our professional knowledge and training, skills training is constantly updated, we keep up to date.
  • Our activities are carried out under the continuous control of the finance ministry.

Accounting industry-leading Győri Timea
Phone: 06-70-9121386


Private businesses from HUF 5
Business companies: from 10eFt
Payroll: 2500 Ft
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