Nagytarcsa representative body of City Development and Financial Committee held its ordinary meeting on 2015.10.19. Among the agenda issues affecting the industry have also been raised in the area. ASzilas zone industrial new street design, opening, has already been decided, but the naming so far in coming. The street name has been adopted by the Reed Street, which is also welcome because in previous naming the nearby districts can be found in street names have been adopted, and these are often disrupted by the GPS navigator. Word was, inter alia, the development of tax revenue, from which we learned that industrial output area is growing dynamically. It turns out she shared data by the notary, dated September 30 that the turning point is 98.56% of the planned business tax was introduced, which now covers virtually the full-year expectations. The tax rate is projected after charging 120% likely in December, which is also a nice result because the design phase of the financial experts to the dynamic development with reference to the 20% tax túltervezték gender and by further 20% are preparing to surpass. We hope the amount received additional funds will be spent on regional bus services in the industry alderman fate of the settlement as well.

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